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ginn - 09/13/00 09:48:16
My URL:http://jinnee.webjump.com
My Email:ginn@musician.org
hi! pretty useful site. would be very nice of the webmaster to place a link to our site here. check this out: http://jinnee.webjump.com

Американские Фаны Зенита - 04/15/00 23:12:28
My URL:http://afz.zenitspb.org
Valeriy! Thanks for visiting our site and for good words said.

Matheus Neves - 01/05/00 17:01:01
My Email:mths@hotmail.com
5 January 1999 Dear Sir/Madam, I am looking for families interested in establishing a new community in Brazil. I have the land and am building houses for interested families at no cost (for me or for the families). Employment, utilities, primary/secondary education and healthcare are guaranteed and an university is going to be built in the community. The region is marvellous. Please contact me at mths@hotmail.com if interested and feel free to forward this message to anyone. Cordially, Matheus Neves

Katie Anderson - 01/04/00 00:27:04
My Email:silver_sono@hotmail.com
i think this website is really cool!

Victor - 12/28/99 16:16:09
My Email:winiek@polbox.com
Mnie oczien nrawitsa twaja straniczka(ja niemnozka uczilsa pa ruski w szkolie), anyway I am looking for friends in America I catch your site end I am very supraised.If you can help me about my business I would be very helpfull.Besides I am from Poland, I ive in Lodz(center of my country).Many kisses to You.P.S. My englisch is not very well.

oksana chupakhina - 12/27/99 17:57:58
My Email:dragon0602@hotmail.com
i am looking for new friends in america, as i just came via fiancee visa. 310.891.2359, please call!

Denis Zaloznyy - 11/27/99 18:44:27
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/denzalik
My Email:deniszal@yahoo.com
Valerii, ochen' dazhe zanyatnaya stranichka! Gotovtes' na Subotu vecher chtobi mi kick ass vo Chto?Gde?Kogda?, i pokazali im svoi klass igri!! Meantime, take a look at my web site. See ya soon.

Tania - 10/01/99 21:03:29
Valeriy ! I really like your page, and you too. I hope we meet again.

Denis Lipov - 09/16/99 14:32:59
My Email:denis_lipov@mail.ru
Valeriy, Hi It is Denis. I'm visit your website and i like it.

Svetlana - 09/09/99 00:11:05
My Email:Svetlana@aol.com
Valeriy, your page looks very nice!

Eishi and Vladimir - 07/10/99 22:30:29
My Email:eishi13hotmail.com
Hi! How are you? We are in Vladimir's room now. We are going to celebrate the victory of women's soccer. See you.

Nikita - 07/01/99 14:36:49
My URL:Net poka
My Email:Seregin
Privet! Navorotil ty! Na zdeshnih 16 metrah nicherta ne razvorachivaetsia. My sosedi po Geocities, tolko moia straniza ne gotova - jdi. Galina v Kieve do 9-go. V subbotu guliaem. Privety ot Golubizy. Nikita. P.S. Pochemu tak malo poseshenii? Ne skandalish?

Mykyta Brovarski - 02/25/99 17:19:16
My Email:alex@status-m.kiev.ua
Privet ot Ivana (Arkadia) Dizainera, Alekseia Creativnogo Direktora i Eduarda Inirodnogo Uchitelia

Nikita - 02/22/99 15:41:06
My Email:avto99@uct.kiev.ua
Hi! (And hi-hi-x!) Znal Ia odnogo amerikantsa - on vot takie bychki vybrasyval! Valerian, where is the Emil Kukuruzoff adress in your guestbook? Rad byl zaglianut'. Privet ot S.S.Sergeeva.

Eishi Adachi - 10/31/98 23:24:29
My Email:eishi13@hotmail.com
Hello! See my e-mail.

Mike Heffernan - 10/14/98 17:33:35
My Email:mheff@netcom.com
Hey...its yer boss!

Vladimir - 10/02/98 22:12:54
I just love it !!!!!!!

Alex Kudin - 09/21/98 16:49:58
Good Luck!!!!!!!

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